Why PeopleCheck?

In today’s commercial environment background screening is increasingly more important in protecting your organisational reputation, your assets and the safety of your employees.

People are often the greatest investment a company can make, yet many employers put their business at risk by not verifying the accuracy of a candidate's claims on their CV before making a hiring decision.

Many employers continually rely on the good faith of their candidates and business associates and accept copies of resumes, certificates and reference letters as sufficient documentation to support their claims, despite the risk that some or all of the documentation may be falsified or untrue.

Damage to an organisation caused by failing to undertake background checks has come in many forms in recent years, some of which have been listed below:

  • Damage to industry & community reputation
  • Decreasing share price
  • Statutory non-compliance resulting in litigation or regulatory fines
  • Negligent hiring litigation & costly tribunals
  • Embezzlement of company & client funds
  • Misuse & loss of confidential information
  • Disruptive and, on occasions, dangerous staff
  • Theft of property & fraudulent use of proprietary data
  • Low employee morale & reduced productivity
  • Terrorist threats

Conducting proper checks additionally demonstrates due care & protects your company by knowing as much about the people you are recruiting as possible.

Professional screening can also be an effective deterrent. Research shows that advertising the fact that you check every candidate tends to prevent fraudulent applications and actively deters timewasters.

PeopleCheck enables you to conduct a number of different checks in a discreet, cost-effective & timely manner. By selecting the most appropriate check(s) for your needs we can assist you in protecting your business.

Our services are used by financial services firms, government & public bodies, healthcare trusts, charities and other responsible employers.

Our checks, particularly DBS checks, also play an important part in the hiring process of recruitment firms and employment agencies.

We are a registered body with the UK Criminal Records Bureau and as such we follow strict procedures and adhere to all current legislation.

PeopleCheck™ is also a registered UK trademark that is recognized within the industry as a service leader and a symbol of quality and professionalism.

Information supplied to and by PeopleCheck is treated with the strictest of confidence. PeopleCheck maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards when receiving, communicating, storing & disposing of confidential or sensitive information. PeopleCheck do not use off-shore datacenters or third party hosting services. PeopleCheck processes and safeguards reflect best practices in the maintenance of data integrity, secure communication & the prevention of unauthorized access and use.