Terror Check

It is often important to implement a more targeted approach to security screening. With the ever changing sources of threat around the world your organisation may require very specific anti-terror checks.

As part of our Terror Check we search what is known as the 'Global Black List'. This is an aggregated list of terrorists and most wanted criminals that also include the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) list.

The search will focus on the profiles of individuals and companies that are black-listed by competent authorities such as the OFAC, FBI, Bank of England, United Nations, Financial Action Task Force & Interpol to name but a few.

The Terror Check from PeopleCheck is a valuable means of protecting your organisational reputation as well as ensuring that, if you are a financial institution, you are not unknowingly harboring the bank account of a terrorist or criminal.

The results will clearly indicate whether the person poses a risk to you. This risk will also be qualified as Red or Green depending on the level of envisaged threat level:

  1. Red High Risk – documentation will be provided to support the grading
  2. Green No Envisaged Risk

Delivery within 48 hours.

Information supplied to and by PeopleCheck is treated with the strictest of confidence. PeopleCheck maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards when receiving, communicating, storing & disposing of confidential or sensitive information. PeopleCheck do not use off-shore datacenters or third party hosting services. PeopleCheck processes and safeguards reflect best practices in the maintenance of data integrity, secure communication & the prevention of unauthorized access and use.