Pre-Placement Health Assessments & Health Screening

PeopleCheck have partnered with BUPA Wellness to enable our clients to have access to professional and reliable health screening services. When appropriate a BUPA Wellness Health Assessment can provide an integral part to an effective pre-employment screening process. The relationship between PeopleCheck and BUPA also brings together two market leaders in quality and outstanding service standards.

Through PeopleCheck, BUPA Wellness can help employees identify important health risks and manage their health effectively so they become less vulnerable to illness, both in the long and short term. It is well documented that individuals with a good health status are on average 20 percent more effective than those in poor health.

Additionally, the longer-term consequences of ignoring your employees’ health can ultimately be very costly to your business. Many illnesses develop so slowly, you don’t realize something’s wrong until it’s serious. By which time, the illness can be much more difficult to treat. Your employees may soldier on working under par, and eventually require a long time off work.

A BUPA Health Assessment gives you:

Most test results are available on the day of the assessment and there will be plenty of time to discuss the findings with a qualified BUPA doctor and discreetly talk through any specific health concerns you might have.

If a specific problem is identified then BUPA can also recommend an immediate course of action.

PeopleCheck also appreciates that our clients are not located in the same place so to make the screening process accessible, easy and convenient BUPA Health Assessments are available from a range of well-equipped locations nationwide.

You can view these locations through the following link:

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